Human Resource Action Steps and Processes

Each HR action requires a number of steps to set up an appointment/job in the Human Resources Management System (HRMS).

  1. Off-Line Action(s) – Discussions/Reviews/Decisions
    Discussions, reviews, and decisions reached before a transaction being entered in the HRMS, such as a dean approving a hiring plan, or a chair/director approving a student hire. You also must gather information that will be entered in the HRMS system such as the position number, SpeedTypes and employee compensation.
  2. Online Action(s) - Initiation (End-User)
    The department initiates a new transaction or updates an existing transaction in the HRMS. The end-user enters the transaction information as directed by the appropriate authority. This information is automatically routed via Workflow to the appropriate verification unit (example: deans, vice chancellor, etc.), if applicable.

    Note: An end-user is assigned to the End-User Operator (security) class, which allows entry of transactions for all employment groups and access to all employees within their row-level security (i.e., designated departments for which they are responsible).
  3. Online Action(s) - Verification (Approval)
    The appropriate verifier/approver is notified of the proposed transaction via a work list (on-line notification). If there is a question, the verifier contacts the initiating department. When approved, the verification is entered online via the approval page.

    Note: A verifier is an individual assigned the Approval Operator (security) class, which allows approval of transactions for a specific employment group.
  4. Online Action(s) - Notification (Reporting and Inquire)
    After verification/approval is entered and saved, other units have access to the action via running appropriate reports or checking inquire pages.

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