Contract Pay Set-Up

Contract Pay Set-Up

You can arrange how contract employees are paid in the Human Resources Management System (HRMS) with the following contract pay options:

  • 9-Pay-9 Academic-Year Contract
  • 9-Pay-12 Academic-Year Contract
  • Fall Contract
  • Spring Contract
  • Summer Contract
  • Other Contract.

Contract pay should be used primarily to pay faculty.The "Contract Pay" page in the HRMS designates the payment terms. The payment (pay period) begin and end dates—not the employment contract dates—determine the timeframe for which the employee will be paid.

For example, the academic-year employment contract begin date may coincide with the beginning of the fall semester (e.g., August 18), but the payment begin date will be effective September 1.

There are two inquire fields that identify the actual contract start date and actual contract end date. These two fields will default to the contract begin and end dates when entering a new contract, and they cannot be changed. These fields will change automatically if there is a change to the contract begin or end date, such as a mid-year contract termination.

Contract payment end dates will override the appointment end date. Employment status for contract-paid employees automatically changes from active to terminated status the day following the contract payment end date (with the exception of regular faculty—11xx job code series—on 9/9, 9/12, fall and/or spring contract pay types).

The HRMS generates the termination action after the end-of-month payroll process is complete. For the 11xx job code series, regular faculty on summer or other contract pay types, this process will be run. Note: For contract-pay employees, the contract payment end date will always stop salary payments, regardless of whether the appointment end date is entered in the HRMS.

Contract Pay Types

Contract pay types define the types of available contract pay. To ensure correct set up and payment on a contract, please refer to the "Contract Pay" section of the Step-by-Step Guides.

Contract Pay Type


Pay Type

Payment Terms

Faculty Academic-Year Pay Over 9 Months

Faculty Paid Over 9 Months

Faculty 9-Pay-9

Pay Over Contract(9 Month Academic-Year)September - May

Faculty Academic-Year Paid Over 12 Months

Faculty Paid Over 12 Months

Faculty 9-Pay-12

Pay Over 12 MonthsSeptember - August

Fall Contract

Faculty Paid for Fall Contract

Fall Contract

Pay Over Contract(fall)September - December

Spring Contract

Faculty Paid for Spring Contract

Spring Contract

Pay Over Contract(spring)January - May

Summer Contract

Faculty Paid for Summer Contract

Summer Cntrt

Pay Over Contract(summer)

Other - Paid Over Contract

Faculty Paid Over Contract

Other Contract

Pay Over Contract

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