Child Support and Maintenance Orders

Child support and maintenance orders are generated by courts or designated family support agencies to provide financial support for an employee's dependent children, and/or former spouse. The court/agency provides a copy of the order to the employee and sends a copy to the employer for processing.

Employers are required by law to deduct these payments from an employee's wages in accordance with the order. In addition, employers must continue deducting payments until a release is received from the court/agency that initiated the order.

When an order is received, Employee Services will attempt to contact the impacted employee by phone, email or letter. This notification to the employee is sent in addition to the order previously sent by the courts, or family support agencies. In some cases, the employee may not receive this information until payday or later, depending on the date of receipt of the order

Questions regarding deduction amounts for child support orders should be directed to Employee Services. See the Wage Assignments page for additional information.