Advice/Warrant Distribution

Employees with direct deposit may view their pay advice information online up to five days before payday through their campus portals.

Advices can be viewed on the CU Resources tab in the Payroll and Compensation section under Pay Advice. This will allow you to verify the amount, the deductions and the account information for your direct deposit. If you see that your direct deposit information is incorrect and you report it in time, Employee Services can stop the payment and reissue it as close to payday as possible.

Make this simple step a routine practice with each pay cycle.

In the event your direct deposit has not been activated when payroll is processed, your check will be mailed to your mailing address on file.  Please verify and update your address on the CU Resources tab in the Personal Information section under Employee Profile to assure you receive paychecks, W-2s, 1042Ss and any other correspondence mailed from Employee Services. 

Each CU campus has its own campus help desk for IT and portal assistance. Please contact the appropriate help desk directly if you are experiencing any trouble with your link, need assistance with updating passwords, etc.:
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