Leave Sharing

Leave Sharing

Leave sharing is a university benefit available to all university staff (formerly officers and exempt professionals), faculty members on 12-month appointments and permanent state classified employees. Each campus establishes its own leave-sharing program that complies with the basic procedural standards in the University of Colorado Administrative Policy Statement, "Leave Sharing."

Contact your campus human resources office to review these policies, and get information about eligibility requirements, donating leave, etc. Additional information is also provided for state classified employees on page 16 of the Colorado Employee Handbook.

Entering Leave-Sharing Hours

Use the following earnings code(s) when entering leave-sharing donations, leave bank awards and leave bank usage in the Human Resources Management System (HRMS) Time Collection:

LVS-Leave Sharing: This is an adjustment code that reduces the vacation balance for an employee who donates a portion of their vacation balance to a campus leave-sharing program. LVS hours are entered in Time Collection as a negative ( – ) number to reduce the employee's vacation balance.

LBA-Leave Bank Award: This is an adjustment code that increases the sick leave balance of an employee who has been awarded leave-sharing hours. LBA hours are to be entered in Time Collection as a positive number to increase the sick leave hours available for the employee to use. LBA can be entered in Time Collection in the same pay period as the usage.

LBU-Leave Bank Usage: This is the leave earnings code that reduces an employee's awarded sick leave balance when entered in Time Collection. Input in Time Collection is to be entered as hours only (not amounts). LBU can be entered in Time Collection in the same pay period as the award balance update (LBA). The LBU earnings code can only be used if the employee is in an active pay status in the HRMS.

Employee Services' procedure for paying an employee a Leave-Sharing Award when the employee is in No Pay (i.e. Not Active) status is a follows:

  1. When an employee has been granted a leave-sharing award for time that has already been reported as leave without pay, the employee must be reimbursed for the lost wages. This can be accomplished by requesting a hand-drawn warrant from Employee Services.
  2. A copy of the leave-sharing award must be attached to the hand-drawn request.
  3. Be sure that the request states that it is a leave-sharing payout.
  4. Provide the number of hours for the payout.
  5. If the awarded hours have not been entered in Time Collection, state that on the hand-drawn request.
  6. Contact an Employee Services payroll counselor at 303-860-4200, option 2, if you need assistance.

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