Reporting Period - Employees Paid Biweekly

For employees paid biweekly (two-week pay period), the reporting period for all hours worked (including overtime, shift, etc.) is the beginning of the biweekly pay period through the end of the biweekly pay period.

See pay period begin and end dates, Time Collection due dates and pay dates on the campus specific Payroll Production Calendars. The Employee Payroll Due Date Schedule is also available, and it lists pay periods, pay dates and deadlines for submitting forms for each pay cycle.

For most departments, the pay period begins at 12:01 a.m. Sunday morning and ends two weeks later at midnight Saturday. (Exceptions to this pay period may include libraries, housing and facilities. Check with your departmental representative for these exceptions.) Once the reporting pay period ends, the payroll liaison records the work time in HCM time collection so the employee can be paid. Payday for biweekly pay cycles is on Fridays, two weeks after the biweekly pay period closes.