Phone Directory Information

Phone Directory Information

The university uses the Human Resources Management System (HRMS) database to collect data for the campus online phone directories (four-campus search directory) and the annual hard-copy directories. The information available for faculty and staff is taken from the employee's personal information records in the HRMS. Staff periodically updates work phone numbers and Web directories, and the hard-copy is updated annually.

Note: There are numerous campus/work phone number options in the HRMS. The Campus 1 phone number is the phone number listed in the four-campus search Web directory and the annual hard-copy directories.

To maintain a current and accurate campus phone directory (online and hard copy), departments should have employees update their personal information using one of the following options:

  1. Provide employees with a Personal Information Worksheet Form. Employees must fill out the worksheet and return it to the department for entry into the HRMS.
  2. Run the Personal Data Worksheet Report in the Workforce Administration module. (Navigation is:  Reports and Reviews > Personal Information > Personal Data Work Sheet.)  This report lists the employee’s current personal information that is recorded in the HRMS. By accessing this report, departments can view all existing personal information for their employees. They can then print out and distribute the report to each of their employees for review. Employees can review the data for accuracy, make appropriate corrections and return it to the department for entry into the HRMS.

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