Nonresident Employees (International Employees)

Non-resident Employees

(International Employees)

Non-resident employees must keep visa status information current with Employee Services. Accurate data helps us enter the appropriate tax withholding and application of any available tax treaties and/or eligible university benefits. 

Each non-resident employee must schedule an appointment with an international tax specialist and update his/her status whenever a change occurs. Departments can help by informing new and continuing non-resident employees of this requirement whenever they know a change is occurring in their employee's visa status or employment eligibility. Departments should never provide tax advice or tax forms (i.e. Form W-4) to international employees.

Appointments are available at Employee Services, 1800 Grant St., in Denver. Call 303-860-4200 to schedule an appointment.

Upon arrival in the United States, non-resident aliens eligible to work must apply for a Social Security number, which is required for wages to be paid and reported correctly. Download the Social Security Card Application Form.  

Requirements and timing for the application process have changed: For information and guidelines, visit the International Employees page and review  "Social Security Administration Delays in Social Security Number Issuance to International Employees" and "Tax Reference for International Visitors."