Training for HRMS

Employee Services offers training for new Human Resource Management System (HRMS) users. Employees requesting access to the HRMS must attend the appropriate training for their access profile.

Fiscal Code of Ethics Training (online)

This course covers CU’s Fiscal Code of Ethics, a systematic collection of guidelines for correct conduct to use to determine whether a fiscal transaction is appropriate and correct. It includes policies, procedures, and other tools to help employees incorporate the values and practices of the Fiscal Code of Ethics into their daily work life.

HRMS Fundamentals (online)

This course explains the Human Resources Management System (HRMS)—how it operates, why it operates that way and how you can most effectively use it. You will learn the four processes for which the HRMS is used, what online and offline actions you can take, how information is entered and approved, and how work flows through the system.

HRMS Inquire and Reporting (online)

Learn how to find data, analyze pre-designed, view-only data pages called "Reviews" and run reports in the HRMS.

HRMS Time Collection (online)

In this course, users will learn about the University of Colorado’s Time Collection process and how to enter time records into the HRMS.

HRMS Functional Training (online)

This course is for users responsible for entering and/or approving payroll data in the Human Resources Management System (HRMS). Users needing full access and/or approver access to the HRMS will take this course after taking the four online courses: Fiscal Code of Ethics, HRMS Fundamentals, HRMS Inquire and Reporting, and HRMS Time Collection. The following topics will be covered:

  • Organizational Development (position and funding management)
  • Workforce Administration (employee hires, adding POIs, personal information and job data)
  • Time Collection
  • Reviews and Reports
  • HRMS Resource document(s) management
  • creating and updating data in the HRMS using actions/reasons, effective dating and effective date sequencing

The course will include hands-on learning, lecture/group discussion, and Q & A for online and instructor-led HRMS courses. It also will include individual and group practice time.

For more information, see our Step-by-Step Guides.

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