Short Work Break (SWB)

Short Work Break (SWB) is a personnel action type, similar to Leave of Absence (LOA). It places an employee in a no-pay status, stopping pay.

A “Return From Short Work Break” action is needed to resume pay distribution to the employee. SWB will not terminate a university employee, and there is no separation of the employee/employer relationship. A termination action is required for separation.

Benefit coverage continues for benefit-eligible employees on SWB. The employee must pay his/her share of the benefit premiums, and the employee’s department is responsible for paying the university contribution. The employee will automatically be billed for his/her premium due, and the department will be automatically charged for the university contribution. For the employee to continue his/her coverage, benefits must be paid in a timely manner to the university via the employee billing process.

Please contact the Employee Services benefits team to set up a benefit payment schedule.

Departments are responsible for monitoring their employees' SWB status, and terminating or re-appointing them in a timely manner. When an employee returns to a positive pay status, the department must enter a "Return From Short Work Break" action to resume salary payments to the employee. If the employee is not going to return to work, the appointment should be terminated. Departments should use their current procedures to track employees' job records to ensure they are re-appointed in a timely fashion. Employee records in an SWB status for more than one year with no activity are subject to a system-generated termination.

Please contact the Employee Services payroll team for assistance with the SWB action type.