Payroll Register Report (Warrant/Advice)

Payroll Register Report


There are two reports in the Human Resources Management System (HRMS) to help users verify salary expenses for their employees during each pay cycle:

  1. the Payroll Register; and
  2. the Payroll Register Accounting Report

The Payroll Register details employee earnings for each department, method of payment (advice/check), earnings type, number of hours worked and the department’s gross pay obligation.  It is used to verify the amount being paid to each employee by pay cycle (pay period end date).  It helps identify correct pay, overpay, underpay and no-pay situations.

The Payroll Register Accounting Report includes all the same pay information as the Payroll Register, and it itemizes where each earnings code was charged (the fund, org, program, project or SpeedType, aka, FOPPS). Expense-transfer detail is not included on this report.   

You can find this report by following this path in the HRMS:

Home > Reports and Reviews > Payroll and Time Collection > Payroll Register of Payroll Register Accounting

Departments should review these reports before the stop/pull date for every pay cycle. (These dates are listed on the payroll calendar). 

If you find discrepancies, please research the employee's appointment(s) in the HRMS and any Time Collection entries for the employee to find the error. This may include: Job Data > Compensation page; Time Collection batch(es); Time Collection One-Time Payment batch(es); Position Data; Funding Distribution, etc.  You must correct errors in the HRMS before contacting Employee Services to correct overpays or underpays. 

How to get help

  • If you cannot identify the source of the pay discrepancy, contact Employee Services for assistance. 
  • If your question is about how the salary expenses were charged, contact your campus controller for assistance.
  • Use the following for additional information about correcting discrepancies:

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