Person Model

Employee Services' Procedures for the Person Model

In the Human Resources Management System (HRMS), a person can be a university employee, a person(s) of interest (POI) or both.

POI are those who aren't university employees but have an affiliate relationship with CU. POI include volunteer faculty, off-campus Work-Study employers, employees of University Physicians, Inc. (UPI), and visiting scholars.

When a new person (employee or non-employee) joins the university, the first step in the HRMS is to add the person. When adding new employees, the "Add a Person" entry of data is the beginning of their online hire processes.

When adding a POI, use the "Add a Person" to identify what type of POI he or she is, and collect contact information (personal and sponsoring-department data).

Entering POI types in HRMS enables the university to track and define different types of unpaid university affiliates. Current POI types in HRMS are:

  • affiliate
  • external trainee
  • external instructor
  • library user
  • other
  • other payee (Employee Services only)
  • pre-employment
  • security access
  • visiting scholars
  • volunteers
  • volunteer clinical faculty
  • veteran's administration.

For more information on persons, adding a person and POI types, see the Add a Person (POI Types Including Pre-Employment), step-by-step guide.

You can also review the Person Model PowerPoint presentation. This presentation explains the add-a-Person functionality in THE HRMS, with the most emphasis on POI—from understanding who they are to the advantages of tracking their affiliation to how to enter and modify their data in the HRMS.

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