Wage Assignments

Wage assignments are orders or agreements instructing an employer to withhold pay from an employee's wages. They can be voluntary or involuntary.

Voluntary wage assignments include voluntary repayment agreements negotiated with the Internal Revenue Service to pay taxes owed.

Involuntary wage assignments include tax levies (federal or state), creditor garnishments, delinquent student loans, child support and maintenance orders, payments required by bankruptcy proceedings, etc.

All wage assignments, voluntary and involuntary, must be processed through Employee Services. Any paperwork for these orders that is delivered to the campuses must be forwarded to Employee Services for processing. Campus departments should not sign for or accept any paperwork served for wage assignments.

If delivery attempts are made at a campus location, notify the carrier that they will need to re-route the item for receipt by the Employee Services office, 1800 Grant St., Suite 400, in Denver. This will help ensure the university complies with all requirements related to the deduction, reporting and distribution of monies taken from employees’ pay.

Amounts voluntarily negotiated by employees to repay federal or state taxes are the only types of voluntary wage assignment that are accepted by the University of Colorado. We cannot honor any employee requests for voluntary wage assignments for other purposes.

The university complies with all legal orders for these types of deductions. Any questions regarding wage assignments should be referred to Employee Services.