Late Payment of Wages

Late Payment of Wages

For various reasons, an employee's wage payment may be delayed. Taxation of late payments is based on the employee's W-4 tax withholding status.

Reasons for late payments may include:

  • late entry or approval of job data (past the payroll schedule deadlines)
  • incorrect entry of job data
  • hours or amounts not entered or approved in Time Collection
  • late hire of employees

Processing and/or Notifying Employee Services of a Late Payment

When an employee has not been paid on the regularly scheduled pay date, the department may do the following:

  • (For hourly employees:) Wait until the next pay period and enter the late hours with an earnings code of LTP (Late Payment) in Time Collection. This is the preferred method for making late payment to an hourly employee unless it creates a serious financial hardship for the employee.
  • (For salaried employees:) Submit a Handdrawn Request request.  This is the preferred method for making late payments to a salaried employee.
  • (For contractors:) DO NOT enter contract pay in to Time Collection. Contact Employee Services for assistance.
  • (For employees who require late payment before the next pay date:) Complete a Handdrawn Warrant Request Form to request payment by hand-drawn warrant.