2015-16 Benefits Plans

The University of Colorado offers many insurance options to help keep you holistically healthy. Regardless of which plans you pick, you'll receive comprehensive care from quality providers.

Medical Plans

CU offers five health care plans from which to choose. Depending on which plan you pick—and are eligible to select—you will receive medical care from providers through Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield or Kaiser Permanente.

See in which plans you're eligible to enroll based on your employee type.

Dental Plans

CU offers three dental plans—one of which is specifically offered to university retirees and their surviving spouses who are older than 65. Employees may choose between an exclusive provider organization, in which services are covered only when seeing select providers, or a preferred provider organization, which allows members to see any dentists they choose, with slightly higher costs when seen by someone outside the provider network.

Learn about CU's Dental Plan options.

Vision Plan

You can enroll in CU's voluntary vision plan to cover the costs of routine eye exams, eyeglass lenses and frames, and contact lenses. Participants gain access to a national network of independent and retail providers.

See plan details and provisions.

Life Insurance Plans

If life throws you a curveball—or worse—CU's life insurance policies can help provide for your family. In addition to the basic-term life insurance policy CU provides eligible employees, you can purchase other coverage when you experience a qualifying life event.

See life insurance options through CU.

Disability Plans

Enroll in long-term or short-term disability during Open Enrollment to help cover your salary during planned or unscheduled time off work.

Learn about CU's disability insurance plans. 

Cafeteria Plans

To help cover the cost of qualified health expenses that CU Health Plan - High Deductible does not, CU offers a health savings account through Wells Fargo. You may also choose to enroll in one of three flexible spending accounts.

Find details about CU's health savings account and your flexible spending account options.

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