June 6, 2014

Weekly eComm Tip: Templates are your friends

Ever had that issue where your test email looks different from your message in Harris? Many times, the reason for this frustrating issue can be chalked up to too many duplications of duplicated emails. When you clone a clone, so to speak, the coding of the email can get all out of whack. I like to compare it to making yogurt at home (which I do)—you’re never supposed to use the same yogurt start more than three times. Similarly, in Harris, instead of copying your most recent version of a commonly used email, it’s best to go back to the original template. Our friends in the eCommunications office have created various eComm templates for us, and you should already have a couple of those ready for you in your “Create & Manage Content” listing. If you can’t find them, give your eComm specialist a shout.

BONUS: When you use the university-created email templates, you can be confident that you’re properly CU-branded and in compliance with federal CAN-SPAM legislation.