eComm Training

STEP 1 | Pre-Access Training
Before access to eComm tools (Salesforce, Marketing Cloud and Cvent) is granted, new users must complete training for data security, confidentiality, FERPA and PCI compliance. This is not training of the Salesforce tools.

STEP 2 | Learn the tools
If you are new to eComm, you may want to start with our end-to-end training, which includes videos and documentation.

Be prepared to spend about about 30 minutes for Salesforce and at least an hour for Marketing Cloud and an hour and half for Cvent. That's a total of three (3) hours. We promise this will be time well spent.

STEP 3 | Refreshers
If you've been using eComm and already completed the "I'm new to eComm" training, but need refreshers on individual topics (eg; How to process refunds in Cvent), then check out our eComm wiki.