Data Map

Knowing where data "lives" in eComm is the first step in developing quality email lists. 

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 What populations are in eComm? 

Group Selection Criteria
Alumni/Current Students Have any local degree information (currently we have only UCB students).
Donors Any person with a gift or pledge record, regardless of credit type.
Prospects Any person linked to an active prospect record.
Alumni Association Members Anyone with a current “membership” extracted from Activity and Student Activity.
Parents Current parents and past parents who became past after 3/1/2011.  Based on affiliation level.
CU Advocates Coded in Volunteer Activity table.
CU Faculty and Staff Anyone with a CU Employee ID Number in the ID’s table – current and past employees.
Advancement Staff Record type of SF or record type of SP with record updated since last data transfer.
Special inclusions Persons with mailing list codes 1HARR, 1HALL, 1HARP, 2HARR, 3OLC, 4HARR, 2CUMT, 3HORIZ.