Why advocate for the University of Colorado?

CU Pride Point: CU boasts 5 Nobel prize winners
CU Pride Point: 1st liver transplant
CU Pride Point: CU awards 53% of all CO's graduate degrees




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CU research has created more than 150 companies; plus 4 FDA-approved drugs

19 CU astronauts have flown on space missions

CU-Boulder gets the most NASA funding among all public universities; #2 among all public and private universities

CU offers more than 280 public outreach programs serving more than 1 million people each year in CO

CU Colorado Springs (UCCS) ranks among the Best in the West for western regional public universities for more than 10 years by U.S. News and World Report

CU contributed more than $5.3 billion to CO’s economy in 2011, making it a top economic driver in the state

CU’s investment in financial aid is greater than the state’s total investment in need-based financial aid for all public colleges and universities

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Only 5% of CU’s total budget comes from state funds

Colorado ranks 48th in the nation for state funding per full-time resident student

Per-student funding in CO is less than half of that in 23 other states

Some of CO’s constitutional amendments contribute to reduced funding for public higher education over time

Funding for higher education is still less than it was in 2008. This puts a strain on tuition, shifting more costs to students and families

A discretionary budget item, public higher education is vulnerable to budget cuts when balancing the state’s budget

Funding for CO public colleges and universities could be cut by $20 million next year