Capital Construction and Planning

The Capital Construction and Planning unit coordinates university-wide activity and reporting for external constituents.  It also provides support for the Design Review Board and the Regents Capital Subcommittee, and maintains core data on CU capital construction activities.

Board of Regents Capital Subcommittee

Areas of consideration for the Board of Regents Capital Subcommittee include the annual 5-year and 10-year capital construction plans, 10-year master plans, and financing; capital construction proposals, the annual 5-year capital priority requests; the acquisition, disposal, operating and life cycle costs, and maintenance of facilities, and the use of university grounds, buildings, and other property; and university/city community matters related to the impact of capital construction efforts. (See Regent Policy 2C.)  According to Regent Law (Article 13, Part A), the Board must approve all capital projects with budgets greater than $2 million, regardless of source of funding.

Capital Budgets

Design Review Board

The mission of the University of Colorado Design Review Board (DRB) is to provide review and advice to parties charged with the design and development of proposed capital planning and development projects at all campus properties under control of the Board of Regents.

DRB Process and Procedures


  • Don Brandes Jr.  - Appointed September 2012
  • Rick Epstein - Appointed January 2013
  • Victor Olgyay - Appointed April 2011
  • Candy Fudge Roberts, Chair, Appointed March 2004
  • Teresa Osborne (ex officio) - Director of Capital Assets, University of Colorado

Meeting Dates, Agendas and Minutes

Controlled Maintenance

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Campus Facilities Management/Capital Planning Offices

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