Your dedicated Cognos Reporting team members – Carl Sorenson and Rosen Georgiev – continue their work on the FishNet replacement reports. A few comments from them on the subject of FishNet:
  • No production m-Fin reports will change in August.
  • In Sept, we’ll start decommissioning individual FishNet reports and migrating the related m-Fin changes into production from the test environment (Cognos QA).
  • We expect to have all FishNet financial queries decommissioned by the end of the calendar year (Dec 2012).
If you are one of the hundreds of FishNet users who love the Position Budget and other reports, there are 3 things you need to know:
  1. In April, we will be reaching out directly to FishNet users, emailing them to ascertain their opinions on reports and enhancements. We will also be asking about the type of training, documentation, and other help they would like us to provide in order to facilitate the transition from FishNet to Cognos m-Fin.
  2. Also in April, Cognos m-Fin replacements for old Fish-Net reports will begin to be available.